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GEONAUTA is the title of the solo exhibition of Levi Orthof, brazilian artist who works mainly in video, raising poetic reflections on imaginary distances and impossible measures. It is also the title of the artist's doctoral thesis book, which consists of a poetic investigation written in entries. In the text, Levi defines:

geonavigation: returning Earth to Heaven.

This entry was chosen as the anchor for the concept of the exhibition's graphic design. Just as the artist revisits celestial cartography and proposes another way of navigating space, the typographic families were chosen, positioned, and manually revisited.

Curated by Fabricia Jordão, the exhibit also marks the inauguration of the additional space of deCurators Gallery.  


This project uses the DINdong typeface family, developed by Clara Sambot.

> graphic design for Levi Orthof

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