Dear Cesar

personal project

> design, filmmaking, research & storytelling


Cesar Papa: artist and my great-uncle. For the last 6 years, I've been assembling a collection of nearly 800 documents from his life – pictures, letters, tapes and artworks. These items now guide me in the journey of retracing his steps in the world and looking for people who met him.

Cesar was an artist, an immigrant, a gay man. He was fascinated by life. From his closest friends to people who came across him just once, Cesar is still able to move people when they talk about him. He inspires people on how to live and love.

As an artist and a researcher, in my work, I celebrate Cesar's documents my family has kept: it's about asking questions to the photographs, seeking the details and letting the mementos talk to me. That's how I try to bring these memories to life.

So far, this project is presented in three branches:


following my great-uncle's steps in the world

going to the places he went and looking for the people he met

Cesar Papa Collection
cataloguing, ordering and conserving over 700 records
– letters, pictures, documents, tapes

the collection is available online