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I'm a brazilian artist, designer and researcher.

M.A. student in Visual Arts with a major in Film Studies, I create art-centered narratives and strategies.

I believe in art as a way of starting conversations. That's why you find different types of work around here — I thrive to find the best way possible of translating concepts into tangible stuff. Sometimes, solutions are graphic, through film, illustration, photography. But in other cases, they come by going manually, as drawing on paper and creating manual textures to take them to digital.  Maybe textile and embroidery will do. I'm always curious to find what my hands can create, as I like to think they are my way to measure time.


In the past, I had the pleasure to collaborate with partners as the Embassy of Spain in Brazil, the Alliance Française Brasilia, Petra Costa, Vincent Moon and the EUNIC Cluster.

I speak French, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Feel free to write me in any of these languages:

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